Counseling, Training and Lectures

  • Developing learning programs:
    - Establishing "Ling Language School" -creating and developing 3 complete yearly teaching programs, including a full set of teaching aids (a teacher’s guide, a CD of 21 original songs, original stories, colorful posters,  flashcards, worksheets and a puppet).
    - Editing and content consulting for "Tic-Tac" Magazine: an EFL magazine published monthly by Ezbeoni,
    a prominent Israeli publishing house.
    - ​Writing an eBook series for English vocabulary acquisition for young learners – more about Benji>>

  • How to expose children to a new language?
    Lectures and counseling for parents and stakeholders in the field of languages and education.


  • Counseling before / after relocation
    - Private counseling for families before going on relocation and before moving back to the original country.  For more information >>

  • Initiation and accompanying pedagogical-technological-language programs  
    Working with Tel Aviv Municipality, Ministry of Education and Center of educational technologies

  • Digital Literacy and Learning Technologies courses
    Developing online and frontal courses, introducing digital and technological tools for improved education at Tel Aviv University, Levinsky College and The Israeli Ministry of Education.

  • Apps Evaluation in education and teaching 

  • Media and young learners​​