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preparing families before/after moving to a country speaking a different language

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Going on / Coming back from relocation​

Moving to another country usually entails concerns and difficulties.

Kids are not only leaving their house, friends and educational frameworks, but also part with the most basic ability to communicate. They leave their familiar tongue towards a new and usually completely foreign language. 

This is why, along with all other preparations, it is important to look for professional consultation to help the family and children prepare for this change.


In a meeting of one hour and a half we will detail all the specific needs of your family (ages, background, time frame, educational agenda and more) after which I will guide you, step by step, to the best methods to expose your children to the new language and culture.


English for Kids

Learn English with Benji

In each book you'll learn basic vocabulary and receive a set of cards so you could all play and

practice English together.

Visit the online store for more digital books, games, cards and more. 

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